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In the dredges of my hard drive I found these gems. These are pieces I created in high school and were part of my portfolio when I applied to art school.

It started out with a simple idea: draw the view of the trees out the windows on one façade of the house. Combined the different perspectives on one sheet of paper. Below are the windows from the third, second and first floors of my house facing the backyard.

From there I kind of realized that it wasn’t the different perspectives that I was really fascinated with, it was the thin douglas fir trees that cut vertical lines through the sky. (sketchbook page below)

I cut out and combined smaller pieces of paper to mirror the lines of the trees. I like how this looks almost like a bar code: Then I started abstracting. Below are variations on the same idea.

I wanted to try and incorporate a sort of Klimt style ornamentation but It kind of just ended up like a multicolored quilt.

I ended up with three large skinny canvas panels with tree trunks that jut up like tentacles. The branches ended up looking more like clouds than foliage but I like the otherworldly feel of the sky and how it could easily pass as an ocean.