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I’ll admit to nothing, but, if I did have a Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type deal going on, these would be our  saints.  All of them deserve their own post but here is a quick overview:


What is more inspiring to a little white girl than a little white girl rapping? She was born “Anna-Catherine,” my name is Anna.  So, we’re pretty much the same person.

Tina Fey

30 rock, SNL, smart, intelligent, sexy, what more could you possibly want? Plus, we’re both part Greek so all you fan-girls can suck it.

Tina Turner

Say it with me now: Legs, voice, power.  If Tina Turner does not move you then you simply cannot be moved.

Tim Gunn

Sometimes we have to keep it classy. And who is more classy than Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn?

“Make it work,” should be everyone’s mantra.

And our most recent inductee: Chelsea Handler

She is hilarious. Her books are hilarious.  I want her life.