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I took a picture of the food because it was something I wanted to remember.

It has been three and a half days since Thanksgiving and I am still in a pie coma.  This is probably because my family made 7 pies and the temptation to eat pie for every meal is far too great for the likes of me to resist. (My thought process: What should I eat today? Pie? I have been eating a lot of chocolate lately, some pumpkin would do me good. It’s cold out, I need the fat.)

After I recover fully from this I promise, the entire internet as my witness, that I will do the following this winter break:

  • Write and perform a rap. (G-funk style.)
  • Upload more artwork to this here blog. ( Related: create more artwork.)
  • Deflect all heckling from my father.
  • Deflect all heckling from my mother.
  • Heckle my sister.
  • And entertain you all (hopefully).

Now back to the vicious pie eating cycle:  feel hungry, eat pie, become too full to function, eat more pie (because you cannot function enough to do anything else), pass out, wake up (confused), feel hungry, eat pie… you get the picture.


This pie, born today. Fruit of my labor. Love of my life.

Pumpkin pie.
I love it.
I eat it breakfast, noon and night.

If Pumpkin Pie was in Peril I would stop anything to save it.
If Pumpkin Pie wore crocs I would still be its friend.
If Pumpkin Pie hated Prince I would still love it.
If Pumpkin Pie cheated on his wife with hordes of hookers, I would still vote it into office.
If Pumpkin Pie slept with my boyfriend, I would forgive it.
If Pumpkin Pie caused World War III, I would still defend it.

It’s October.

Less than 24 hours and already 1/4 gone.