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Well, I’ve done it again. I wasted another day painting patterns on tiny pieces of paper. At first glance you will notice that these are not very precise. I free-handed and “free-styled” most of it, but they are still based off of images from the tiles in the Alhambra. I hope they amuse. (Anything but perfect pattern.)(A new pattern with a courtyard view.)

(More abstract with a portal to France.)


Right now my life is awash with uncertainty and marked by a pure lack of structure. To combat a future that I feel I have little control over and the compulsive urge to check my email every 5 minutes, I have returned to the safe decisive world of math.

Well, art that involves math. Behold:

It’s wonderfully cathartic to meticulously grid and draw patterns. It’s a way for me to have complete control over something, even if it is just a 12 x 16 cm place. At first I started just directly replicating patterns I saw at the Alhambra.

All I had to do was crack the pattern and copy it, re-creating them was almost hypnotic. I even made a poorly crafted stop-motion video out of one. I took about 400 photos while I was at the Alhambra, so I have a lot of material to work from.

Alejandro suggested I branch out and create my own patterns––and maybe I will––but for now I am content extrapolating and exploring the linear planes of Moorish Spain.