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Introducing a new category on the blog, The Impatient Drawer, in which I buy a sketchbook, draw things quickly, scan them, post them online, add cryptic titles and never talk about them again. Enjoy.



Today is my father’s birthday. Let’s refer to him as Papa G.

Here is a picture of him and I together when I was still a little larva human:


As the photo clearly demonstrates Papa G is a registered badass. And if you aren’t able to tell that from the gleam in his eye then let me elaborate by listing things my dad has done for me:

– Carried me inside his jacket and ran from a swarm of angry bees.
– Taught me how to use the riding lawnmower.
– Built every single computer I have used, ever. (I’m going to count the fact that he helped design the processor in this laptop).
– Jury-rigged a garage door opener with a big red button on it.
– Crawled into the wall of the house to make sure there wasn’t a badger inside of it.
– Let me use one of his old aluminum pole for Festivus celebrations.
– Built tree-houses, swing-sets, castles, play-kitchens and countless other things.
– Fixed everything –– before I even considered it to be broken.
– Sent me photos of me and my friends that he took unbeknownst to us from a telescopic lens.
– Essentially paid for my entire college education.
– Grew artichokes from seeds in Oregon weather.
– Asked me what I ate for lunch pretty much every day since the day he created his own Skype account.
Papa G is the kind of guy who will state what is obviously happening or about to happen in a television or movie out loud to you, with wonder. He likes to grow vegetables. He likes to ride his bike and he likes to fix things. Most importantly he has loved me from day one even though when he met me I was a mere red-faced fat baby that looked like a frog.

And so today I wish him a happy birthday and thank him for everything he’s done for me.