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At the of the quarter, and my college career, we had a Vernisage for the students. There were photography and writing students so most of the art for sale were gorgeous photographs. I ended up painting some postcards at the last-minute to sell.

A funny little house from one of our day trips.

This was from a day trip to visit Louis Jou‘s studio.

Above is my favorite tree in all of Lacoste.

This is a terrace attached to a classroom. It’s a pretty big testament to my teachers that I paid attention in class.

A view from the Lacoste soccer field, looking up at the Marquis de Sade’s castle. A fitting image to end my watercolor sketch memories on.


In French instead of saying “it’s raining cats and dogs,” they say “Il pleut des cordes,” which directly translates to “it’s raining ropes.” I find it slightly more appealing than imagining animals splattering on the earth.

Anyway, one day it was raining ropes and so, cooped up in my little cave-like residence, I sat in the doorway and drew the courtyard. 

(I recommend clicking on the images.)

After a our field trip to Nîmes we stopped by the Pont Du Gard. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We swam in the river that runs under this pretty impressive piece of ancient plumbing. A few of us attempted to swim all the way underneath it, but ran out of stamina right before the arches. I slid up some slimy rocks, rested and swam back across the river to get back to our classmates.

It’s a bit nippy, but, I highly recommend taking a dip if you get the chance.

On the path leading to the Pont Du Gard is this Spanish olive tree, apparently over 1,000-years-old. It was replanted here because … trees love a change of scenery?

Last fall I went to France but was too busy prancing around in my underpants* to blog about it. The next couple of blog posts will be some watercolor sketches from my quarter studying abroad at SCAD‘s Lacoste campus in Provence, France.

Here is one to set the mood:

More to come.

*And all subsequent layers of clothing.

You know when you take an unplanned hiatus from blogging and you’re like “I really should post something,” but don’t? I feel like that has been me the entire summer. True, I wrote a few posts here and there, but, they were set in the past and that kind of confused people.

I’m at the point where I feel that I haven’t blogged in so long the next post has to be perfect, witty and entertaining. So I keep putting it off more and more until the pressure to perform is so high that I will never be able to achieve it.

I’ve decided to rip off this Band-Aid before it grows into my skin.

I am studying abroad in Lacoste, France. This is what it looks like:

Okay, bye.