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I made these little watercolor postcards as thank you notes to my relatives after Christmas. They were all modeled after photos my dad and I took during our trip to Greece/Italy.

Volos, Greece: This is the start-off point for our sailing trip.

Florence, Italy: Bridges over the Arno River 

Delphi, Greece: Temple of Athena 


Olympia:  After strolling through the grounds where the first olympics took place I settled on this column dedicated to victory, (I’m not going to lie, it was mostly because there was a good place to sit in the shade).


Nafplion: This Midevil Castle was very fun to explore. Fortified like a good castle should be this castle can only be accessed by climbing several hundred stairs. We were able to freely roam through the remains and even climb into the small hole where they kept prisoners.


Delphi: Also known as the belly-button of the world, Delphi was a place where people would flock to visit the oracle. Down below the main hillside lies this, the remains of the temple of Athena.


Some quick sketch watercolor paintings from my trip to Greece, here’s some from Athens:

The Tzami Mosque juts up over a multi-layer public square. A glass viewing plate rests over more archeological elements in the ground and reveals the depth of history in below.


This is the temple of Hephaistos, although smaller and less famous than other temples it is one of the most well preserved in Greece.

Painting at the top of the acropolis was probably one of the most memorable experience of my life. Up there it is hot. It is windy. It is beautiful. It is the Acropolis.