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I wish I had a picture of this stupendous event, but alas, I do not so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  My 80-year-old grandma and her sister Dot came in to town last Friday and boy did we go crazy.

Almost as soon as they arrived they agreed to come out to the Food themed District Quarterly launch party.  They, of course were gladly introduced to everyone and anyone and enjoyed reading my list of things I like about cows.

So cute, and useful.

My roommates and I had inadvertently planned a potluck (more food, a theme for the weekend) on the same night as the launch party so we skedaddled out of there back to my dorm.

I hadn’t expected that they would want to come but I’m glad they did because I thought it was a real riot to see the baffled looks and as Dot said, “This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.” (I highly recommend inviting your grandparents to “young people” events.)

The next day Alejandro and I went out to lunch with the lovely ladies and although he had to go home and work, us women walked around downtown Savannah and got some gelato.

Mmm, gelato.

I then drove them up to Forsyth so they could see the new amphitheater fountain thing.

They left on Sunday, on to bigger and warmer things but it was very nice to see them, always a great treat.

Now I am initiating my Valentine’s day plans which basically involve cooking tamales, doing homework and going to a lecture and then the best part– eating tamales.

Mmm, tamales.