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Alright Alright, it is actually a view looking out from inside of the dome.

This ink drawing is based on this photo I took while inside the Duomo (giddy out of my mind asking everyone around me “isn’t this exciting we are INSIDE the DUOMO.” Yeah. It was awesome.)  I used water to aid in shading and some white pencil.

Here is the photo:
hark out younder lies a city

I love portals.  The end.


After spending three weeks in Greece, our first taste of Italy was being cat-called while walking (disheveled and schlepping our 35-pound backpacks) from the ferry to the train station. But our first refreshing taste of it was Florence. I was ecstatic about this city and exploring all the things I learned about in Art History class in person. We climbed up a lot of stairs. It was heaven. Here are some quick sketches from our tour.

Pitti Palace Gardens: 


Bridges over the Arno River:

Skyline from hotel: