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The topA month ago today Alejandro and I were married between two [palm] ferns. I never fantasized about a perfect wedding––but one thing I did daydream about was Alejandro at the end of an aisle. Suffice to say, that guy has a way of making my dreams come true, which is why I married him.

Married between two ferns

Allow me to extend a big virtual thanks to my mom, Ellen and Kathy Berry, Alex Bushue, Meaghan Larkin, Grayson Barber, our photographer Bryan Hoybook, our florist Suzanne Shick, Andrea at August Veils and the Hotel DeLuxe for making everything else come together. 


The typo is part of the art. Let me watch you cringe.

Authors’s note: Since it is unclear to anyone but me, in panel two there is a giant bowl of ice cream with a grown adult laying in it.  The other guy is using “fetus” to mean asshole or jerk or extremely useless grouping of cell formations because he stole all the ice cream.