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Looking back we did a lot in the short time we spent in Santa Fe. We stayed with my mother’s friend from high school in an actual bed inside an actual house. It was wonderful.

We arrived in Santa Fe about the same time smoke from the eastern Arizona fires did, so although the sky looked pretty blue to us, Maria our host, assured us it was a dull grey.

We arrived and took blissfully warm showers, met their little goddess daughter Ana, played with their adorable dog Finny and then Alejandro ate the best salad he had ever had.

Maria then left Alejandro and I to explore downtown Santa Fe. The town felt like Savannah’s historic district but with a very different type of beauty and history. Then, still full on salad we went out to dinner with the whole family and their son’s babysitter and her boyfriend (both around Alejandro’s age).

Highlights included me saying “hell” at the dinner table (describing last summer in Savannah) and feeling really bad about swearing in front of children. Then, FULL out of OUR MINDS. we went to bed.

Maria then made us breakfast and tried to get us to stay another night. And although the bed and hot shower and great company was tempting, I had made our Grand Canyon reservations half a year in advance and I couldn’t wait one more day.

They were truly magnificent hosts, o kind even though they barely knew me. Hopefully one day in the future their children will be traveling through where-ever we live so we can return the favor.

Google Maps, so hot right now.

P.S. Sorry that this took so long to post, my MacBook Pro was spending some time at the Genius Bar. He will probably have to go back soon, so I apologize in advance for further delays.