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The driving we did the day before gave us almost a full day in Yosemite. But first we got to our campsite and set up the tent. We were staying two nights so I thought it’d be nice to drive through the park and check out the sequoia grove on the other side.

We weren’t able to get reservations in time to camp inside the actual park like we did in the Grand Canyon so our KOA site was about a 30 minute drive from the entrance.

Yosemite is basically like the everything I’ve seen in the Northwest but on steroids. Worn out from Bright Angel we had no intention on doing a strenuous hike and decided to drive around the loop instead.

We sat in traffic for an hour.

The juxtaposition of idling cars and natural beauty was astounding. I turned my car off whenever we came to a dead stop in hopes of preventing too much damage.

Then we drove through winding, climbing forest, by large drop offs. It was beautiful but I was getting carsick driving.

Finally we reached the other end of the park and the Sequoia Grove. And here I think is an adequate time to tell you how convinced that Alejandro was that bears were going to attack us.

He had been worrying about this the whole trip and was upset that I did not purchase a bear bell in advance (why he couldn’t get one for himself, I don’t know).  But I have to admit he was right, we were in bear country.

I tried to convince him that bears are only attracted to food, which he responded with “yeah, we are food.”

The Giant Sequoia did what I could not: distract him from thoughts of bears.

We toured around them for a while and headed back to our campsite with the help of GLaDOS.

There is a certain point when you own a GPS that you wish you didn’t trust it to get you where you were going but you are so far lost in the middle of nowhere that you have to let it guide you.

The point for us was a gravel road supposedly on the way back to our campsite. The gravel road turned into the one-lane of “Triangle Rd” which a few miles later turned again into “Triangle Rd.”

An hour of trepidation in the dark finally led us back to a two-lane road and eventually our campsite.

We made curry in the dark, hoped the bears wouldn’t like the smell and went to bed.

(Just in case you were beginning to get confused this is a very extended recap of the road trip Alejandro and I went on to get back to Oregon from Savannah, Ga. I made a few posts during the drive, but most of the time I was too busy/exhausted/without internet. We took 12 days to drive across the country starting June 3.)