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The topA month ago today Alejandro and I were married between two [palm] ferns. I never fantasized about a perfect wedding––but one thing I did daydream about was Alejandro at the end of an aisle. Suffice to say, that guy has a way of making my dreams come true, which is why I married him.

Married between two ferns

Allow me to extend a big virtual thanks to my mom, Ellen and Kathy Berry, Alex Bushue, Meaghan Larkin, Grayson Barber, our photographer Bryan Hoybook, our florist Suzanne Shick, Andrea at August Veils and the Hotel DeLuxe for making everything else come together. 


“If there are ghosts in this apartment, prove it.  Come take my girlfriend,” Alejandro called out to the spirits last summer when we lived in a building visited nightly by one of the many ghost tours in Savannah, Ga.

Stylized for effect.

I feared for my life.  He laughed at my folly.

Alejandro does not believe in ghosts, superstitions or unexplained theories of any kind. So I find it funny that, today, Friday the 13th, is his birthday.

Others of a weaker mind might fear something dreadful would happen to them, stay inside, hide under their covers and refuse to have fun.

Not Alejandro.  He may be staying inside refusing to have fun, but that’s just because he has a lot of animation homework to do. Nothing bad has happened so far.

So, for once, I’m telling you not to worry. Follow the birthday boy’s advice and relax.

After all, anything bad happening on Friday the 13th because of the sheer fact that it’s Friday the 13th is, as he says, in the kindest way possible, “highly unlikely.”

My boyfriend loves curry.  If I was made of curry, he would eat me and not be mad at all that I was no longer there to be his companion.

All last quarter when it was his turn to cook he would make curry– and by make I mean he would try very hard to replicate his favorite curry in Savannah (and quite possible the world): Al Salaam Deli.

But alas, he was never satisfied. It was never quite as good and so his curry dishes turned into curry soups and experiments that became less and less appealing each week.

This Christmas, I (hero that I am) bought him a curry cookbook and my mom (hero that she is) gave him a bunch of ingredients from Penzeys Spices.

So we’ve been cooking curry and although I’ve always loved his cooking (cough, not that one time when you just put a giant pile of ground beef mixed with onion and tomato on a plate) it is a major upgrade.

Despite my best intentions to go to bed early, we keep completing our curry around midnight, hungrily feasting and then (I at least) go right into a peaceful food induced coma of sleep.

Observe, visuals:

In the process of some butter chicken curry that was in fact "smooth like velvet," as the cookbook said it would be.

Curry number two: lamb spinach curry. We made this with two of his roommates, we were too hungry so we didn't let stew long enough so it was a little watery, but the lamb was still pretty damn good.

One happy camper.

I look forward to the many onion induced tears, wafting spices and curries to come…I just hope I’ll be able to enjoy them before midnight.

Today is my and Alejandro’s 2 year anniversary. We think. We kind of picked a day that we thought might mark our courtship and went with it.

So in honor of our arbitrary anniversary, here is a brief recap of how we wooed each other to pieces.

Phase 1: the conquest

He was wearing a light orange long sleeve polo. I hoped my cropped sweater vest v-neck combo would win his heart.

Phase 2: seduction

For a couple of weeks we would “accidently” walk together for the 2 minutes that it took between our class and where he lived.  One day he was late out of class so I took evasive action.

My seductive shoelace tying skills really sealed the deal.

His excuse for the awkward side hugs was being Latin American. “I couldn’t just kiss you on the cheek, that would be weird.” Perhaps less weird than the side hug. (Do I squeeze your side as well? Should I turn quickly to make it into an actual hug? What does this mean?)

Phase 3: baring of souls

I took him to meet the people I lived next to. He was joking around and making fun of people. One of my hall mates called him my boyfriend. I quickly replied that he was not my boyfriend. When it was time to say goodbye this is what happened:

No more awkward side hugs. Relationship achieved.

There you have it folks a classic love story.