Dads on the couch

I’m back in the UWC, land of rain, bridges and, most importantly, dads.

A humor piece I wrote about my favorite dads called “Dads on the Couch” was published on the website Errant Parent last week.

I actually got the news that it was going to be published the night I flew in. It was a mixed bag. On one hand, my piece was going to be published by people who had no idea who I was (wahoo), on the other, I’d have to somehow explain to the dads that I wasn’t making fun of them but celebrating how wonderful they are.

I couldn’t face them directly. I sent an email. “Dear Mike and George,” I started, and continued a long explanation about how I wrote it out of love and if they didn’t want it published I would totally understand. I attached the file.

Mike responded in two declarative sentences, “Very funny. Have it published!”

My dad said something like “Yeah, do whatever you want.”

And so with their blessing you may read it at your own leisure and know the wonders that are the Dads on the Couch.


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