“Lockout” reviewed by someone who hasn’t seen it

The trailers for the movie “Lockout” present us with the classic criminal redeeming himself by helping out the very cops he despises with a sci-fi twist. His task? Rescue the president’s daughter and stop a space prison  full of “escaped” criminals from crashing their massive orbiting station into the earth.*

All of this poses some ethical questions about the future.

Mainly why do we reward our criminals with a trip to space? That’s like reading a guilty verdict and handing them a check for 20 million dollars, which is the average amount you’d have to pay to get someone to fly you to the International Space Station for a week. And these convicts get a free trip to space for life? Talk about wasting public funds.

It also would probably cause a spike in crime because I’m pretty sure everyone wants to go to space.

But beyond that basic flaw, based on the trailer the movie also seems pretty illogical. Why is the president’s daughter allowed into a maximum security prison in space? Why is their best bet to send one man (described only as “kind of a loose cannon”) to rescue her? And most importantly, why do the prisoners want to leave space?

I don’t plan on seeing the movie but I’m sure the guy playing Bruce Willis in space will have enough special effects to make him look badass even with the lack of air to fuel a lot of big flames. And hey, at least it’s set in Space. Everyone loves space. 


*This is mere speculation. I have no idea if this is the actual premise of the movie.


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