The Lorax (not an organ)

I’m not one of those people who don’t like to admit when they’re wrong, I’m the type to milk it for all it’s worth. A couple of weeks ago I tweeted something along the lines of “I’ve met the Lorax and he sounds nothing like Danny DeVitio.” And although the Lorax I met was a statue and didn’t speak at all, technically my statement was true.

Of course I was attempting to say I was not okay with what Illumination Entertainment had done to Dr.Sues’ classic. The trailers made it seem like they were going to painfully stretch a short story into an hour-long movie, make a buffoon out of the Lorax with the help of Danny DeVito and turn it into a love story.

Then to add insult to injury they premiered their movie on Dr. Sues’ birthday. But, I love the classic Lorax and Alejandro likes to see animated movies so we went to see it anyway.

And I’ll admit they didn’t butcher it. Danny DeVito did a good job. They recreated scenes from the book and added subplots that didn’t totally ruin the overall message of the story. I was pleasantly surprised that the only thing bothering me during the movie were a gaggle of teenagers talking and texting loudly during the film.

Sure, this is definitely a movie for kids that may be borderline brainwashing them to be more conscious about the environment, but so was the book, so, I’m okay with it.


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