Skyrim players should seek diplomatic options

Skyrim is the computer game that every gamer wanted to play all winter long. I have logged zero hours of game play but from close observation of others (read: Alejandro) I understand that you kill dragons to absorb their power so you can shout and kill other dragons.

Your motivation for massacring these creatures is that they’re terrorizing villages and killing them makes you stronger and a hero to the local towns people. Hooray groupies.

I’m never one for animal cruelty but I figured if you must kill majestic beasts to save yourself, you must.

Then I found out that these dragons can talk.

This whole time I thought it was just untamed wild beast against civilization. But the more I looked into it the wiser the dragons seemed to be. They have their own language, for one, and they are smart enough to taunt you in English as well.

The reason people enjoy playing Skyrim is that there are so many options for game play. I think one of them should be diplomatic negotiation.

In this path no one gets hurt. Instead of working on your strength and buying fancy armor, players exercise and practice their inter-species negotiation skills.

What are the Dragons demands? Why are they bent on destroying the human race? Are they bent on destroying the human race?

This is probably all a large misunderstanding.

Maybe the dragons blind rage is covering up a soft interior who is justifiably upset because you killed his sister, brother, father, mother or other kin. Perhaps the spot the townspeople decided to build a village was his favorite stomping ground when he was a kid and is sad to see it taken over by deforestation.

These dragons are probably swooping down not to attack but to find some comfort and love.

Side note: Villagers, you should really try building your houses out of fire-resistant materials. You live in dragon country, adapt to your environment people.

Skyrim players, ahem Dragonborn, I challenge you to take the future of dragon-human relations into your own hands. The game is already leading you in that direction. Despite being able to do some despicable things –– break-in and rob your local tavern, kill villagers and pick pocket your friends –– you can’t hurt the children, because the children are our future.

Let’s create a world where we all live in peace and no one has to take an arrow to the knee.

[In a survey of Skyrim players (read: Alejandro) 100% disliked the reference to the arrow joke. But 100% of me liked it.]

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  1. Scott Ables said:

    I have logged an hour or two on Skyrim, after logging a few on Oblivion and before that Morrowind.
    I was walking through town minding my own business, looking for the market, suddenly wondering why the villagers were running. I felt my heart strangely warmed, and suddenly went blind as my skin boiled: ah! another dragon sought comfort from me. I felt my inner negotiator rise, quaffed some uber goop I crafted myself, and began negotiating in earnest keeping a careful eye on my healthometer.

    I suggested we might get on better if he shut his trap, but apparently it was a female dragon because she sent a blizzard of complaint in my direction. I quaffed some more uber goop to withstand such cold-comfort and decided to pull out all the stops, I summoned a flame atronach with enhanced negotiating skills. While watching these two females in intense negotiation, I rummaged through my back pack and found a nice staff I stripped from the body of some nasty necromancer who didn’t need it any more and amped it up with a grand soul gem.

    Nothing like chain lightening to hasten negotiations. The flame atronach hand been fairly convincing but now I stunned this she-dragon that just wouldn’t stop talking. She quaked with the realization. Landing heavily near me she thought to convince me with a love bite but I’ve been tossed before and backed up to ensure she couldn’t get near me and zapped her again. She collapsed, finally closing her trap and we completed negotiations. As I absorbed her soul and ransacked her corpse I marveled that such just a few days ago the dragons seems to negotiated from strength, but my position continues to improve. I decided to go find that market place again, but keep the chain lightening staff. I love the way she shuddered when I …. well enough life has intruded on my holiday, its time to get back to Skyrim.

    Emily’s Dad

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