Day 11: San Francisco; Casa de Jamie; INTERNET; I wish I was Jessi’s girl; person-sized cat nap

We wanted to leave early, so we did because we are boss. Also, we had traveled through so many time zones that our sleep schedules were weird and mysterious creatures.

Since GLaDOS was navigating I forgot to think about where we were going. Mainly that we’d have to go over a bridge at some point and pay a toll. By the time I did realize that fact it was too late to get cash.

We only had $4 in change and the toll was $6 so we go a nice fine in the mail a month later.

But this did no upset us because being back in a city made us very happy. And I’m not talking from this road trip through the wilderness but from living in teeny, tiny Savannah, Ga.

We explored San Fran a bit, did some hill driving, saw us some golden gate and ate some lunch.

Then we headed to Santa Clara where my friend Jamie was letting us stay in her apartment. “You’ll know my room by the international sex symbol on the door,” she said. Sure enough Sean Connery was there to greet us. Unfortunately we had missed seeing Jamie by a couple of days, but, her cat kept us company.

Also, there was internet and much rejoicing. (Fun fact: that is when I wrote this column.)

For dinner we met up with the super awesome fabulous SCAD GRAD Jessi Gilbert and her gentleman-caller at a Chipotle halfway between us. Proof:

Full and happy we joined Jamie’s cat in a prolonged nap. Unable to believe that by that time tomorrow we’d be in Oregon.

(Just in case you were beginning to get confused this is a very extended recap of the road trip Alejandro and I went on to get back to Oregon from Savannah, Ga. I made a few posts during the drive, but most of the time I was too busy/exhausted/without internet. We took 12 days to drive across the country starting June 3.)


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