Day 8: Goodbye Canyon; A clown’s cry; yeah, I just played Phantom Planet; Mojave I wish you were a mojito; In-N-Out burger; Sketch motel

To my surprise I wasn’t that sore and was glad to leave the Grand Canyon. (My skin is still dry to this day.) We hit the road heading for California. Originally this we were going to stay at the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. But the east-side access to Yosemite was still closed for the season so it was no longer on our way.

Instead we planned to get as close as we could to Yosemite National Park and stay in a random motel along the road.

When we reached the California border I did what any self-respecting road-tripper would do: played California by Phantom Planet. Loudly. And sang along with genuine joy.  All Alejandro could say was, “Really Anna?”

Obviously he doesn’t understand that my life is a movie and the overwhelming joy I felt from being so close to the west coast and in PST. Not even the endless Mojave desert could dampen my spirits.

But don’t let Alejandro’s lack of love for my clichéd antics fool you. Being in California please him for a number of reasons, but most importantly so he could try a burger from In-N-Out.

We decided to stop in Bakersfield to achieve this. By that time I had driven for a little under 9 hours and was pretty out of it, but Alejandro seemed to enjoy his burger.

Alejandro took over the wheel and we drove to somewhere near Fresno before deciding to find a motel.

Now some of you might be thinking, “Anna, why did you by-pass Las Vegas entirely?” Here are my reasons:

  1. Las Vegas is dirty. I’m not talking about the strippers, I mean the streets are filthy.
  2. I don’t like gambling.
  3. I  am not 21.
  4. Maybe we did and are secretly married?

So there you have it.

We were in a shady motel, I worried the car would be stolen. I had told the woman at the front desk there was only one of us so we wouldn’t be charged more. Alejandro was watching animal planet on the television. Exhausted, I fell asleep.

AW yeah, 617 miles baby.

(Just in case you were beginning to get confused this is a very extended recap of the road trip Alejandro and I went on to get back to Oregon from Savannah, Ga. I made a few posts during the drive, but most of the time I was too busy/exhausted/without internet. We took 12 days to drive across the country starting June 3.)


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