Day 10: Back to the park; Yosemite falls; picnic at the tunnel view; Alejandro relaxes for once

Fortunately,  the only thing that tried to attack us in the middle of the night was a gang of kids with flashlights. We leisurely made breakfast and headed back into Yosemite.

This time we actually wanted to walk around a bit on the valley floor and decided on an easy paved loop up to Lower Yosemite Falls. It was probably not the best the park has to offer but, to be honest, weren’t in the mood for extreme hiking.

We then ate lunch up at tunnel point overlook. Highlights included were watching families with young uncooperative children try to get a good family photo and a kid puking in the parking lot. (I gave him a telepathic nod of solidarity though since I throw-up everywhere I go).

I did a watercolor sketch and tried to deflect the countless people approaching me. (For some reason you pull out a paint brush and everyone thinks it is an open invitation to talk).

At this point in the trip we were all hiked out, camped out, and in general really just wanted to get home. We went back to the campsite to hang loose.

Alejandro listened to music and drank beer. I ate about five S’mores and read my book.

Life was good.

I walked to the bathroom and saw a little tent themed like the vacuum cleaner from Teletubbies, life was even better.

The next day we were heading for San Francisco … I looked around for a flower to put in my hair.


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