Day 5: Juggalos exist and they eat at Taco Bell; Grand Canyon where are you?; Site 117; Site 177

To Sum up: We were living the life in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And we were about leave it all behind in search of a giant hole in the ground.

Along the way we stopped in Gallup, a place I will always remember.  I stepped unsuspectingly, almost reluctantly, into the Gallup Taco Bell expecting nothing but burritos. Instead I found real life Juggalos, well Juggalettes to be precise.

I wanted to ask them to take a picture with me, but, despite the fact that they were young girls the face paint and hoods made me unsure if they would be receptive to that kind of attention. Maybe they think my camera will steal their soul, I thought to myself, and decided to just capture them in my memory forever.

About 100 miles after Gallup came another pleasant surprise. The dessert turned to small shrubs, then large shrubs and then trees. I was astounded.

When we turned off the highway toward the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, I thought things would die down. They did for a bit but then they were back and the trees continued to grow larger and thicker the closer we got to our aforementioned giant hole.

What I expected to see close to the rim.

What was actually next to the Grand Canyon. Note: please enjoy looking at all the bugs we murdered on the windshield.

By the time we reached the campground  we had seen a lot of trees, missed the overlook, but found site 117 and set up camp. We thought it was strange that the other campsite’s tent was so close to our random-item-strewn picnic table. But we were worn out from the drive and decided to just go to bed.

Sometime after we fell asleep, a nice asian man informed us that our site number was actually 177 and asked us if we could please move our car so he could park for the night in his campground.

Mystery solved.

Fortunately as well as being very insightful he was also forgiving and beseeched us to stay the night.

“It is too late to move your tent,” he said, “stay, stay.”

We went back to sleep feeling like fools. Tomorrow we would move the tent and hopefully find that canyon.



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