Day 2: …thank you GLaDOS; this is weird why aren’t we driving?; stop peeing your shorts:

Part 2

Luckily in today’s modern times one does not have to rely on a police officer who thinks that your best bet for a new brake light is probably close to Little Rock. One can pull a GPS and let it calmly guide you toward redemption.

Before our trip Alejandro convinced me to buy one and although that is all the planning he helped with, it was a valuable contribution.

We bought the cheapest GPS we could find and named her GLaDOS.

GLaDOS not only directed us to an AutoZone 35 miles away, but it also gave us their phone number so we could call ahead and make sure they had the part we were looking for.

We love GLaDOS.

Eventually we got to Petit Jean State Park (Arkansas’s first state park!) acquired a camping site, set up our tent, ate some food and realized we had nothing to do.

It felt weird not driving and also not being in a state of emergency. Alejandro took it as an opportunity to finally sleep, I surveyed our neighbors.

To our right was a large family of boys, ages ranging from 7 to 14. I’m not sure if they just didn’t like walking to the bathroom or if they had an elaborate plan to get their parents to take them home so they could go back to playing X box, but all I heard the mother say was, “Stop peeing in your shorts!”

To our left was a lone man camping with a pick-up truck and a mountain bike.  He would periodically ride off on his bike and ride back through his campsite. He also kept compulsively spraying his car tires with something. Bug spray? polisher adhesive? I couldn’t figure him out.

Thankfully when the sun went down it was actually below 80 degrees and we were able to get some sleep. Tomorrow was Texas and we needed our rest.

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