Day 2: GoddamnyouJIFFYLUBE; of course I’m nervous you have a gun; thank you GLaDOS; this is weird why aren’t we driving?; stop peeing your shorts:

Part 1

After using the KOA camping WiFi to confirm that we were still alive, we left for Petit Jean State Park. It was a short 3 1/2 hours but we hadn’t gotten very fair when ssomewhere along 1-40 West I noticed a cop was tailgating me.

I tapped my brakes to get out of cruise control and pull to the right lane so the cop could go on his merry way.

It was in that ambiguous area between Memphis and Little Rock that I got pulled over for the very first time in my life. The cause? A broken brake light that I had told (and paid) JiffyLube to fix. 

The male officer approached my vehicle and asked me why I was so nervous. Because you have a gun and we are in the middle of nowhere, I thought. “I’ve never been pulled over before,” I said with a smile.

I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t parked far enough away from the highway or if he just liked approaching vehicles from the right hand side, but he leaned over Alejandro as he talked and asked for both of our IDs.

After conferring with his female cohort, he walked back to the car and informed us he was going to do us a favor and let us off with a warning.

“But get that brake light fixed as soon as possible,” he said.

I asked him where the nearest auto repair shop was.

“Your best bet is probably close to Little Rock,” he replied.

Little Rock was about 100 miles away. Also, when do you learn what to do after you’ve been pulled over and how did I miss it? Do you wait for the cop to re-enter traffic or can you just leave at any time?

I thought about it for 10 seconds and then merged back onto the highway…

Google maps, what a great product.

  1. alexei said:

    You know you can be tazed for being nervous in front of a police officer in any English-speaking country right? GLaD you’re alright. And Anna knows what GLaDOS is happy day.

  2. Leandra said:

    The first time I got pulled over I thought that too: “What the heck do I do?” I’m on the edge of my seat Anna.

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