Don’t worry, it’s Friday the 13th

“If there are ghosts in this apartment, prove it.  Come take my girlfriend,” Alejandro called out to the spirits last summer when we lived in a building visited nightly by one of the many ghost tours in Savannah, Ga.

Stylized for effect.

I feared for my life.  He laughed at my folly.

Alejandro does not believe in ghosts, superstitions or unexplained theories of any kind. So I find it funny that, today, Friday the 13th, is his birthday.

Others of a weaker mind might fear something dreadful would happen to them, stay inside, hide under their covers and refuse to have fun.

Not Alejandro.  He may be staying inside refusing to have fun, but that’s just because he has a lot of animation homework to do. Nothing bad has happened so far.

So, for once, I’m telling you not to worry. Follow the birthday boy’s advice and relax.

After all, anything bad happening on Friday the 13th because of the sheer fact that it’s Friday the 13th is, as he says, in the kindest way possible, “highly unlikely.”


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