So ill

You know that kind of sickness where you’re not that sick but you’re not that healthy either?

I’ve straddled that line for far too long and I’m taking a stand, dammit.

I have narrowed down my cause of illness to two culprits: Sesapus or stress. My highly complex powers of deduction have found the guilty party.

Exhibit A) Multiple nightmares about producing a District Quarterly magazine that turned out blank, in all HTML, without covers, without artwork, or full of typos. (Luckily, thanks to Michael, Kenneth and Eboni it looks awesome and you should all check it out).

Exhibit B) Four classes + trying to study abroad + impending graduation + trying to land an internship + planning a camping road trip across the country + trying to get rid of all the things I have amassed over the years (anyone interested in buying a tower fan, file cabinet or sweet Ikea chair?)+ guilt about not responding to my pen pals = extreme tiredness matched with inability to sleep due to never-ending to-do lists scrolling in my head.

Exhibit C) Sore throat, cough, fever, chronic tiredness inhibiting my ability to complete aforementioned tasks created a vortex of stress.  Stressed because I have so much work to do, unable to do work because I’m sick, sick because I’m stressed.

As I am sure you have ascertained, I blame my illness on stress.  So, what am I going to do? What’s my game plan?

Simple: I’m not even going to worry about it.

ZenAssMotherFuckerRightHereYo. So ill.

So ill I don't even need a spoon full of sugar.

1 comment
  1. Elizabeth said:

    This post is my life without the crying. I need zen.

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