TEXAS! (the musical)

While planning my cross-country road trip/camping trek from Savannah to Portland this summer I came across the perfect place to stay in north Texas: Palo Duro Canyon.

The campsite (and website) is rustic. They only allow propane fire for cooking and the bathrooms are a 10 minute walk away BUT on the night we stay there the park is showing something beyond great:

TEXAS! The musical.


This says it all.


Not only do you see more than 60 actors strutting their stuff on stage you may enjoy a steak dinner along with the show. ¬†Tickets are a little expensive but a partial view seat is half price so maybe I’ll sit to the far left and eat some long horn and enjoy the spectacle.

This is a once in lifetime opportunity. How often do states create musical’s out of their history and perform it in the middle of a canyon? I’d say near zero. (About the same frequency as my visits to Texas.)


See those people sitting on the far left? THAT COULD BE ME.

So I hope my AAA Triptik isn’t lying because I plan to drive to that lone horseman directly from Arkansas.


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