To my lovely Lauren

Today is my little sister Lauren‘s birthday.  So, of course I am going to tell you a story that publicly shames her.  (Out of love!)

Two summers ago, back when she was a wee 15-year-old, my family and friend Lisa went to Greece.  Most of the time us girls shared a room and had our own beds but sometimes there were only two beds and we took turns having the single.

I don’t think I have to tell you that Greece gets pretty warm in the summer time and there were days where Lisa and I thought it best to sleep naked so we wouldn’t overheat and not get any sleep. Lauren did not share our sentiments.

One time, in Meteora I believe it was, Lauren and I were sharing a bed and I told her I was going to sleep naked whether she liked it or not.


Ladies and gentleman: Meteora.

Ladies and gentleman: Lauren in Meteora.


She then freaked out saying things like, “what if you roll over in your sleep and molest me,” and “at least put some underwear on.”

So to placate her I got into bed with some clothes on and as soon as we turned out the light I took them off.  She slept hugging the edge of the bed that night and probably had nightmares of incest, so sad.

The whole trip Lisa and I tried to teach her the joys of nakedness, but to no avail.

A year later while away at college one fine morning I received a text message from Lisa.  Visiting my house in Oregon she had come to say hello to Lauren and found her asleep in her room.  When she went to wake her up it was ever so clear that Lauren had finally learned how to sleep naked.

I have never been more proud.





  1. Lisa said:

    :) Best day of my life!
    The first words out of her mouth though were “Don’t hug me I’m naked!” Hahaha still afraid of incest and accidental molestation.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE! Can’t wait to celebrate on Friday! We wish you were on the best coast and could celebrate with us too Anna.

  2. Lisa said:

    PS: I thought this story might be the pee popsicle one. But I guess that’s more embarassing for Louis haha

      • Lisa said:

        Can’t wait.

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