80 is the new 25 or Happy Birthday Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

I’ve just discovered something.  Everyone hyper-cool is in their 80s or about to be.

Yesterday William Shatner (AKA CAPTAIN KIRK) turned 80.  In three days Leonard  Nimoy (AKA MR.SPOCK) will join him.

To do list: start going to conventions.

Sean Connery is in his 80s, both of my Grandmothers (PATERNAL and MATERNAL) are now in their 80s along with Maya Angelou, Hugh Hefner, Cloris Leachman, Betty White… the list goes on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish that I was born in the 1930s so that I could be 80 and cool.  I could maybe look back on my career and smile at my super sweet role on Star Trek pretending to have equal rights on the Enterprise with Spock and Kirk, constantly reminding Bones to forget his southern niceties and treat me like he would any other man, thwarting off Kirk’s fruitless advances, trying to seduce Spock and definitely not being a yoeman.

Le sigh.

Since I can’t actually be 80-years-old, I guess I will settle for acting like I am. If you’ll excuse me gentleman, I’ve got some senior citizen discounts to take advantage of and some old co-workers to wish happy birthday to.



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