My accent may be too thick

My life right now:

My computer is still acting questionably but now, I’m starting to think that I am the problem.  Maybe I am some sort of oppressive computer user.  Maybe after growing up using PCs all the time I’m caught in a culture clash.

Yes, the first computer I ever used was a Mac but what did I do on it? Play Oregon Trail? Watch other people play Oregon Trail?

It wasn’t until my young adult life when I really took to the personal computer and I was all about the PC.  My trouble shooting tool belt consisted of control-ALT-delete and the ESC key. Sure, I’m pretty much fluent in MacBook Pro, but perhaps I still have a pretty thick PC accent?

Maybe my computer can’t understand me but it is too polite to let me in on its confusion.

In any case, if I am the problem I should probably go on a digital journey to find my spirit animal or at least try to get some karma on reddit or something.


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