I’m no bike, but I was still hand built in PORTLAND

This weekend I got a package in the mail that brightened my day.  Brown-eyed Susan cookies (delicious) AND this T-shirt:

"Hand built Portland Oregon" for those who are too distracted by my face to read (and are also thrown off by the mirroring from photo booth).

I love it. Partially because it implies that I hand-built Portland, Oregon and also because I can finally rep my favorite city/state without having to buy a shirt affiliated with a college I do not attend.

The shirt was a gift from our family friends who just opened a bike store in the downtown area, West End Bikes, it is right around the corner from the staples of Portland: Powell’s City of Books and Stumptown Coffee.

And although the last time I tried to bike to class I almost fainted mid-way up the only hill in Savannah, this shirt gives me a reason to explain why I love Portland.

1. Aforementioned Powell’s City of Books–  An independent book store with over a million books.

2. Washington Park– Over 400 acres of park, largest green space in any city, what what?

3. All the goddamn hipsters– Sure, their self obsession is distracting, but they are useful. All you have to do is eavesdrop on them and whatever band/restaurant they are bashing as becoming “too mainstream” (ie successful) will provide you with excellent new music and food.

5. Liberal, yet accepting– I can share things about my personal beliefs with a stranger there that I would not feel comfortable saying on the internet.

6. The Oregon Trial– think about it, the people who settled in Portland were crazy badasses. Sure, maybe we didn’t own slaves but that was because we made it illegal for minorities to settle there for a really long time and then there were neighborhood allegiances that prevented people of color from living there and even when my parents moved here they were like ‘why are there no black people’ because it was still that noticeable, but it’s getting better now. You’ve played the computer game, I don’t need to tell you all the peril they faced, but also all of the ways they became one with nature.  Perhaps that’s why were all “nature loving hippies.”

7. The winter rain keeps the bimbos at bay– there is somethings that can only be learned from enduring a long rainy winter that is cold but rarely cold enough for snow. Patience? Endurance? I’m not quite sure what it is, but I feel I am better for it.

ANYWAY, I ate one of those cookies for breakfast because I am an adult and I wish I could wear this shirt everywhere I go.

  1. Lauren Geannopoulos said:

    I eat those cookies for breakfast and I’m not and adult..
    And I have the sam shirt, we’re like twins :)

  2. Ellen and Mike said:

    Glad you love the shirt!! We miss you. XOXOXO

  3. Leandra said:

    This is a great post. You totally look like a supermodel in this picture.

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