Lectures about social media + ligers

I’m not sure if this is idiosyncratic to my college, but lately we’ve been having a lot of lectures on “social media.” They come hand in hand with professors tittering “go to this lecture, you’ll love it.  It’s all about Facebook, blogging and the Twitter!”

And sure, the lectures would probably be interesting if perhaps you called Twitter, the Twitter, and you didn’t check your Facebook every other hour throughout the day. But for college students, discussing their own habits is really not that interesting.

It’s similar to giving a lecture on the rare  Taiwanese Liger to a Taiwanese Liger. “Yes,” the Liger would say after your riveting presentation, “now tell me something I don’t already know.”

Liger Cubs.

There are at least two more internet themed lectures on the horizon and I hope they find a way to make us Ligers that begrudgingly attend say with sheer surprise, “Wait, I can do that? Really? How fascinating,” before we eat these presenters alive.

An Adult Liger.


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