“I promise to slowly grow resentful of this decision,” or, “you may now kiss the bride”

Is it just me or does the media want me to think that getting married is the worst thing ever? (While simultaneously telling us girls that we’re only worth something if we get married?)

Movies where college frat boys encourage each other to have all the sex they can because once they’re married it’s game over. Ads where a disgruntled wife cleans up after her husband’s mess once again.  Sit-coms where married couples trick each other into doing things, or cast knowing evil looks at one another.

What the hell?

I mean, the closest I’ve been to getting married was my high school graduation party where I married my friend Jamie:

Yes. This is a photo of a photo, so shoot me.

But, I really don’t think getting married will be that bad.  In fact, I think it might be awesome.

The way I see it, it’s basically having a sleep over with your best friend with benefits every day for the rest of your life EXCEPT all of your stuff is right there AND TAX BENEFITS (HOLLA).

How can sex decrease when the opportunity to have it increases? Maybe it’s like writers block–too many choices–should we do it in the bedroom, the living room, the shower, the kitchen, the hallway, the hot tub?

I mean, those are some pretty difficult decisions but I think as far as sex is concerned, being married is pretty damn convenient.

The only negative I see is that your parents are going to want you to procreate and have grandchildren for them to play with–as pay back for whatever mayhem and pain you caused as a child.

That is something I’m not down for– constant guilt trips about not being pregnant–NO THANK YOU.

I guess marriage really is something worth waiting for, looking forward to in the distant future.

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  1. Lisa said:

    As long as you have a nice dress and beautiful bridesmaid dresses and good looking pictures.

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