Something that would make Liz Lemon say “I want to go to there.”

Alright. Here it is.  The best idea of our generation:


Picture it, a jump suit of genuine sheepskin, a big furry hood and detachable booties and gloves.

It’d be simple to make.

Start with this fabric:

I don't own a pair of Uggs, I'm not going to buy a pair of Uggs, but I would buy a full body suit.

Combine it with this general idea:

How warm does that look? So warm.

Add the sexy styling of:

Minus the stripper heels, but you get the picture.

Add a furry hood, a thin rubber-sole (so you don’t slip and slide around everywhere) and a cup of hot coco and your set for winter hibernation.

I want one.  I know several other people who want one. Uggs would make millions, probably. And they can have full rights to this idea as long as they supply me with a free one when I need it (no questions asked).


Rudimentary version of me in the final product, happier than a clam.

  1. i am sorry to say that i do not want to go to there.

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