The end of an epic break (dance)

Well it’s 2011, I’m about to leave the Northwest (land that I love) and I have a million tiny cuts on my arms from the sequined tiger shirt I wore and danced in all night on New Years.

I don’t want to leave, but since my flight, tuition and books are already paid for, returning to Savannah seems like the logical choice.

To recap my last week here: the cabin that we stayed in after Christmas (with no cell phone service or internet) was full of dead animals.  And, I don’t know, maybe you’re into that sort of thing but I don’t really want to see this when I look up from reading a book on the couch:

"So, watch'ya reading?"

Even without modern technology I managed met up with some friends and joined them for some night skiing/ hot tubbing while at aforementioned cabin.

All seven of us packed in the van, helmets and goggles on incase of a crash. Safety first.

When we got back I celebrated the New Year by dancing the night away and being loca con mi tigre shirt.

Then I spent the first day of the new year trying to dissuade my father from taking my computer to the “genius” bar. He went anyway, and was even surprised when the “super” CD/DVD drive they replaced still didn’t read a CD when he got home and they couldn’t find anything else wrong with my computer.

So I went back with him to the store to provide some thug muscle presence (I almost made a shirt that said “super genius,” just to fit in.) After about an hour wait in the store suppressing my urge to yell something about how it represents everything I hate about humanity, they decided that it was a software issue (A STROKE OF GENIUS?) and gave me vague instructions about wiping everything and reloading the system completely.

I mean, come on. I wish they would just call it “Mediocre Bar” and say it like it is.

But my good friend’s New Year’s resolution is to be more optimistic so instead of being disgruntled by the Apple store I’m going to thank Steve Jobs because he’s given me one reason to be happy about leaving the west coast: I will be far away from him.

And even better  is that tomorrow I’m going to see Sesapus.

  1. kaylyn said:

    anna. you used my break dancing quote! i feel famous. you are the best break (dance) partner ever. and i think that i love you.

  2. Lisa said:

    Shout out to my optimistic resolution!!!

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