Small victories on Mt. Hood

Monday night I went up to Mt. Hood with my buddies Grady, Jesse and Kara to go Skiing/ Boarding.

Oh hey, Mt. Hood.

A short history of my snowboarding skills:

  • I did Ski-bus in middle school where I learned how to board for about 5 minutes before my friend Eva took me up on the chair lift for the first time.
  • I really liked boarding so to save on rental fees my parents bought me a board from a friend, but before I could use it I tore my A.C.L.s
  • Flash-foreword to winter break ’08 and I’m going up to the mountain again with Grady and Eva.  That day I go for half a day and quit at lunch because my knees are hurting.

Last Monday was the first time I’ve touched my board since then  and after the snow wiped away all the dust I was really enjoying myself.  I love snowboarding because no matter how many times I fall if I reach the bottom of the mountain in one piece I feel like I’ve achieved something great.

This year, after lunch I thought about quitting but I didn’t.  I went back out and finished the day like a champ. (Okay, more like an exhausted limp noodle but not dead!)

Even though the next morning I could barely move (and to be real, I can barely move right now) and read in the lodge while my cohorts skied the next morning, I think I was pretty successful.

When we drove up on Monday night it was raining. All day Tuesday it snowed, so beautiful.

View from the Ski Bowl lodge.

More views from the lodge.

Jesse and Grady putting their bindings on while Kara, in white, skis away toward the lift.

I’m just resting my knees so I can board another day.


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