“I get drunk from dancing”

Last Sunday I was at the Dandy Warhols‘ concert with my friend Kaylyn.  We dressed up like rock stars and wore ridiculous sparkle make-up.  We also danced the whole freaking time.

An accurate portrayal of us dancing the night away.

At first we were mutually bummed by the lack of dancing in the crowd. “why do people have to get drunk to dance?” my rock star friend Kaylyn asked me before saying, “I get drunk from dancing.”

It’s something that’s been bothering me for a long time: people using sobriety as an excuse to not dance.  THAT IS THE LAMEST THING EVER.

Dancing is like a way of thanking your body for being awesome.  It’s simple, it’s easy and if you look like a fool, NEWS FLASH, no one cares.

I get it,  those of us who grew up freak dancing in high school and only know how to grind our hips against another person might have some trouble figuring out what to do on the dance floor.  So, here are some of my coveted dance secrets to help you out: (You want to know my credentials? My sister’s on the dance team and can do the splits and I’m related to her.)

Step 1: Forget about everyone else in the room/club/bar/concert hall.  They don’t matter.  It’s just your body and the music.

Step 2: If you’re stuck on a dance move just pretend you are an animal and move like that creature.  My go to is jelly-fish, then when I’m sick of that: octopus, crab, dinosaur.

A useful diagram.

Step 3: When you can’t think of any more animals, just make shapes with your hands and body.  (Square, circle, triangle.)

Step 4: As long as you’re keeping with the rhythm and not breaking any laws just go for it.

Be thankful we don’t live in Footloose, dancing is free, it is fun, it is good for you and there is no risk for a hangover in the morning.

By the end of the concert, we got pretty much everyone around us to dance (okay, I will give the Dandy Warhols’ music some credit) .  I’m not saying we changed lives, we just made everyone’s night a lot more fun.

  1. naveenisbored said:

    This post makes me so happy. I couldn’t agree with you more. Also, I’m gunna have to give the dinosaur a try at Festivus.

  2. kaylyn said:

    anna g. that was a lovely dancing evening with you. couldnt have asked for anything more.

    ps that picture of us is so very accurate.

  3. kaylyn said:

    i love you

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