Connery, it was fun

As much as I love talking to my giant poster of Sean Connery, I’m hella (yeah, I said it) excited for all of my Portland friends to be back in town/on winter break.

So, for those who haven’t seen me in a while, here’s an update so we don’t have to dilly-dally on useless small talk:

1. I haven’t converted to some weird pirate-jesus worshipping religious cult involving dressing as Prince and dancing the frug. (To be honest they would not let me in.)

This is not a shrine located in my dorm room.

2. Speaking of dancing, I still do it, just as poorly and with perhaps more confidence and gusto than ever.

3. Despite all the Baby Talk magazines, I have not gotten preggo and am proud to say my uterus is parasite free.

4. Mark my words I will be keeping them covered but my legs are really hairy right now.  I’m sorry if you accidentally catch a glimpse.  My boyfriend is 3226.03 miles away and I am lazy.

5. Finally, don’t get your hopes up, I left Sesapus back in Savannah. (I did this mostly so I wouldn’t lose him on the way home.  Freshman year I almost forgot him three times.  On the way to the shuttle, getting on the shuttle AND when my flight arrived in Portland, “um excuse me miss, is this your purple…thing.” Don’t worry, He’s probably partying like it’s 1999.)

So Sean, although I’ve truly enjoyed our witty back and forth as you point the barrel of your gun at me, I’m off to bigger, better, and less 2-D things.

In your own words, “suck it TREBEK.” (Said with much love.)

Here's us laughing gayly together last winter break. <3


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