FCC, go forget yourself

Maybe y’all have heard Cee Lo Green‘s song “Fuck You.”

Oh hey, Cee Lo.

In Savannah (and probably elsewhere) on the radio they change the lyrics to “forget you,” which I think changes the meaning of the song just a little bit.  When I got back to Portland, I heard the song on the radio with “f-you,” replacing fuck you.  I thought it more accurately portrayed the song but it doesn’t really conceal the F-word all that much.

But forget and fuck are two entirely different words, they cannot be interchanged freely. Please observe:

  • Forget you
  • Go forget yourself
  • Forget off
  • I want to forget you
  • I don’t give a forget
  • don’t forget (with me)
  • You forgetting with me?
  • For forget’s sake
  • You are a forgetting piece of shit

I mean some of those just don’t even make sense, others have VERY different meanings.  “I want to forget you,” implies nothing of the sexual nature that “I want to fuck  you” brings.

Sesapus' game with the ladies would be greatly reduced if he censored himself.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is if you want to listen to Cee Lo Green’s song, listen on the web or go buy it. The FCC doesn’t like to be forgot with.


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