I’m a doctor not a…

I just finished watching the Star Trek episode “This Side of Paradise,” (part of my pie coma recovery plan). Dr. McCoy‘s attitude and Georgia-style southern accent after the “happy spores” sprayed him bemused me greatly.

Dr. McCoy. Sometimes I overlook him because I'm so taken by Kirk and Spock's dialogue, but not today.

I wish I could find a clip of him speaking in his Georgian accent but I think this montage of his most beloved line will do.

The line is now a tradition that has carried on in the more recent versions of the show.

“This Side of Paradise” is also the episode where Spock acts a little more human.  Check the trailer out:

  1. Ben Fischl said:

    I briefly considered studying medicine for the sole purpose of being able to say this line. Overandoverandover.

  2. My only hope now is to get my doctorate. And if I do… you better believe that’s what I will be saying.

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