“Let’s go harvest the corn before it freezes over”

Today my life was like video game Harvest Moon N64 but real.

My father, a gentleman farmer, began to worry about his corn when a brief bout of snow fell through the air.

“Come quickly Anna,” he said, “to the fields!”

So we put on our boots (his industrial, mine mini black moon boots) and trudged out to the field. It was still raining slightly I was awfully cold.

Imagine the white background is grey and full of rain.

We picked up some cucumbers (that we later deemed worthless do to their mushy factor) we harvested one chile and then we made it to the neat little rows of corn.

We broke off the little ears and put them in our basket (okay, we put them inside a plastic bag).  But we got A LOT of corn.  Too much for our little family to eat.

Some of our crop.

In the video game Harvest Moon you can just throw your produce in into a crate and a man comes and takes it and you magically get money.  Here at the Geannopoulos household we have no such crate.

Therefore my father decided he would save his ears of corn that he was so proud of by boiling and then freezing them.

We probably should have just dressed up as Native Americans and passed it out to the neighbors to spread thanksgiving cheer.  I’m pretty sure that corn just met its icy grave in our outdoor freezer.

The earth's golden child.

    • Don’t be too jealous… some of them did not taste that sweet.

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