Carpet that makes me happy

Despite the fact that during the quarter I never once had to pull an all nighter, the combination of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One) midnight showing and helping the boyfriend pack/driving him to the train station, the night before I traveled home I got about 3 hours of sleep.

Oh Voldy, always causing trouble for my sleep cycle.

I spent the day:

  • Traveling through time zones
  • Sitting in the chicago airport trolling the internet
  • Texting my parents profane messages expressing my joy over not receiving 89% on my final grades
  • Watching the entire crew of the Enterprise make fun of Spock for being logical
  • Attempting to sleep upright while the chatty-Cathy man in my aisle made awkward jokes
  • And fighting back my newly developed airplane landing sickness

But I did not throw up when I landed in Portland last night (WIN), I also, for once, did not bawl my eyes out upon seeing the beautiful teal geometric goodness that is the PDX airport carpeting.

This is the most beautiful thing that a Portlander can see after being away for so long.

Still, I was very happy, even when my luggage did not show up, because I have not been home in 6 months.

As tired as I was, I waited for my sister to get home from dance before going to bed. I was slightly disgruntled because my tooth-brush and retainer were in my checked luggage. (I am very meticulous about my dental habits but, apparently, not vigilant enough.)

Then I walked up to my room and saw the very bright, very 70s, glowing red-orange carpet that still graces my floor.

I kid you not, gazing upon this carpet causes instant joy.

Sean Connery is the best James Bond. If you disagree I just feel so sorry for you.

I said goodnight to Mr. Bond who faces my bed and slept, occasionally waking up confused and then happily realizing where I was.

TODAY I’m going to my sister’s dance competition.  TOMORROW I am taking over the world. (That was a very empty threat.)

Sorry for the long post I am just so happy that I am home.*

*Although at the same time exceptionally sad that I am without Ale-ale-jandro.

  1. Beth said:

    I know you are happy to be home! Enjoy it. (And don’t “bawl” your eyes out.)

    • I knew that somewhere in your comment was a helpful correction! I have some tattoo pictures to send to you of some very awful mistakes.

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