G-Funk, so fresh

This past week, on two separate occasions, two different people refereed to me as “G-Funk.” At the time I thought it was a very strange occurrence and must be a sign from the cosmos that I should drop everything and become the lyrical wordsmith rapper that we all know I could be.

"Is that jacket made of genuine Sesapus leather?"

But today in class Susan (previous Kentucky convention roommate) pointed out that she had created a facebook group called “Anna Geannopoulos should change her name to Anna G-Funk” which kind of cleared everything up for me.

This is the second time that someone has used my name in a Facebook group.  My friend Bogdan created the first one, entitled “Anna Geannopoulos is in my pants,” as a joke.

It was recently removed after I reported it offensive to Facebook because it was the first thing that came up when you googled my name but not really the first thing I wanted potential employers to see.

Now when you google my name a site devoted to the Brigade of Gurkhas comes up for some reason.  And although the first result is still Facebook, there is nothing suggesting I’m some sort of harlot yet.*

My tiny internet footprint barely includes this blog. How sad.

G-Funk out. Peace.

*Please do not use this as an open invitation to make me appear like a harlot on the web.

  1. siouxsie said:

    I should have used what we learned in Louisville and called it Anna Geannopolous (not Justin Bieber) should change her name to Anna G-Funk. Maybe it would have gotten it up there on Google.

    But I suspect not.

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