When does running someone over become self defense?

Last night my boyfriend informed me that late at night if I drive alone people will try to get in car accidents with me so they can steal my car and mug me.

Imagine this is a street in Savannah.

So it got me thinking, when do we draw the line between aggravated assault, attempted murder and self-defense?

Here are some semi-case studies to ponder:

  • Someone is running at your car with a baseball bat and is bent on smashing your windshield and eating your babies.  You are at a red light, there is a car behind you so you cannot back away.  It appears that your only choice is to run the sucker over before he gets close.  Would you do it?
  • You’re driving home alone at night on an empty street.  You stop to let a pedestrian walk by and they pull out a magnum and point it at your face. You can tell the safety is still on and have seconds to accelerate and get the f*$k out of there. Is it not justified to roll on over the gunman on your way out?

I don’t know, I’m not an authority.  I don’t even think I could run someone over but this sure makes me think twice about assaulting someone driving a 2 ton vehicle.


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