The faucet revolution has begun

I’m back in Savannah. While I was gone things really fell apart. Okay, actually just one thing is wrong (that I know of).

A faucet in the bathroom of my academic building has gone off the deep end.  As I’ve always suspected they would, the motion sensor faucets have revolted.

This sink has had enough. It will no longer be controlled by the movements of human beings!

The broken sink has been running non-stop since Monday AT LEAST and who knows how long before that.

Maybe this has something to do with Halloween? Paranormal activity?

How much water is this wasting? I do not know for sure but I bet we could have a shark infested swimming pool by now.

A new school project I'm spearheading / a real place at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas that we could recreate.

What’s even worse than wasting all that water are people who don’t use it to wash their hands. They look at the broken faucet (streaming out a constant supply of pleasantly warm water) and wash their hands at a different sink.

That’s like ordering a never-ending supply of pizza and everyday deciding to eat something else.  Soon the pile of pizza is so large that you wake up one morning trapped under pizza boxes. [You then die trying to eat your way out of your pizza tomb, grease-covered and in your pajamas (or in my case, naked).]

Too graphic? (Pun intended.)


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