Visual bombardment in Louisville

During my stay in Louisville, Kentucky it has become very apparent that all of the interior designers of Louisville got together and made a list of must haves:

  • Bourbon
  • Horses
  • Chandeliers

Here are some grainy phone photos to prove it:

A wall of Bourbon. Pick your highly specific brand of poison.

Located on floor 2 of the Galt Hotel and Suites.

Majestic Horse murals.

Sultry horse artwork in the bedroom.

The chandeliers are probably just a hotel thing, but I sent each of them to my mother because if there is one thing she hates it’s the “gaudy chandeliers” in her home that my father doesn’t want to take down despite the fact that they are “ruining” his wife’s life.

The grand ballroom sparkler.

The spider-esque rod-iron classic.

And my personal favorite:

The fiber optic inspired modern art statement

As a horse-a-phobic underage normal size human being I don’t really relate much to my surroundings but I appreciate them greatly.


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