Today I learned to name drop in my blog title, things like Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan

This weekend I am at the 89th annual ACP/CMA (not County Music Channel) National College Media Convention (NCMC) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Today I went to A LOT of workshops. One was about how to make money blogging where Lynn Hoppes of basically talked about how great he was and wasn’t very useful to anyone.  (He doesn’t deserve that link.  Don’t click on it).

He did say that a good trick was to list full names of celebrities in your title even if they have nothing to do with your post so I’m giving it a shot.

My dear convention roommate Susan and I bonded immediately on our 7 a.m. flight from Savannah, G.A. to Charlotte, N.C. on Wednesday. She didn’t even make fun of me for throwing up during the extremely bumpy landing.

Traveling to unknown lands and uncharted territory (shown on this map).

(Side note: the last time I threw-up on an airplane they gave me a free pin and still served 3 options of free on-flight meals).

NCMC is very fun and informative and we finally got to meet the very cool people of SCAD Atlanta student media (of Connecter, SCAN Magazine and fame).  But we are very tired.

We are not sure if Susan’s color theory homework will get done.  BUT she did bring her paint so we’re hopeful.

You're right. We do look awesome, thanks.

More to come about the wonders of Kentucky and Convention hi-jinx!

  1. kaylyn said:

    i love you anna

  2. Lisa said:

    I love your motion sickness, Anna.

    (PS: I decided to start commenting since I read so often haha)

    • My motion sickness if definitely a defining factor in my life. I’ve thrown up all over the world.

  3. siouxsie said:

    the alt text over my picture made me laugh

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