A better, forest friendly O.J.

Tropicana and I have a symbiotic relationship.  I give them cash so that they may provide me with vitamin C and no pulp.

Then I take the code on the cap of the orange juice and plug it into tropicana.com, I collect my points and then donate them to save the rainforest. For every point I save 33 1/3 square miles of rainforest.

I don’t know how this works, but I think it pretty much happens like this:   I enter my code, a Hercules Beetle on the forest floor gets the message.  He then passes it to a jaguar who in turn spreads the news up to the understory.

The red blob symbolizes my message being passed from creature to creature. It was night-time when they got it. They work around the clock.

There a Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly flies my message up to the canopy and a sloth takes it to a Harpy Eagle who signs off on the whole thing.

The sloth will slowly make its way.

A slight nod of the head and we're off.

Then a Toucan tells a Spider Monkey to grab the deed of that section of the forest from some group of humans trying to burn it down for crop land. (Maybe they wanted to plant orange trees to sell to Tropicana? At least my efforts might help neutralize that, right?)

Note: my boyfriend is borrowing my mouse so I did these all on the keyboard mousepad.

So far I’ve “saved,” 1532 sq ft of rainforest. [And I’m saving quite a bit of trees by posting this via internet and not printing out millions of copies of paper and throwing them out into the world I might (and did) add.]

Congratulations Tropicana you've tricked me into thinking my consumption serves a greater purpose

The man-eating beetles can thank me later (by not eating me.)

If you drink Tropicana, enter your codes or send them to me.


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