Midnight train in Georgia

Sesapus and I peacefully sleeping before the train arrived.

The last two nights I’ve ended up going to bed pretty late, right around midnight.  And as I cuddled Sesapus tight and closed my eyes to dream of double rainbows and jumping unicorns A VERY LOUD TRAIN WHISTLE RADIATED THROUGH THE AIR.

It shook the apartment.  It blew its whistle at least five times.

I let it slide. They’re just warning cars that they’re coming barreling through town and will not stop at any intersection.  I was about to drift off to sleep again when ANOTHER SET OF FIVE WHISTLES SING INTO THE AIR.

I was livid.

Then last night, the exact same thing happened again.

I use the term "beep" loosely. It sounded like a train whistle, I'm not sure of the proper spelling for that version of extremely loud and annoying.

I take my sleep cycle very seriously. In fact, it is probably one of the few things I do take seriously. If I don’t sleep at least six hours a night the next day I feel like this:

I support train safety (I watched a very educational video in driver’s-ed about not crossing the tracks.)  But isn’t it enough for a car driver to hear the very loud train coming, feel the ground shaking and see the fast approaching beam of train light?

(warning: I’m going to refer to these train operators as male conductors so my dirty joke will work. My apologies ladies.)

We get it. You have a big whistle.

But like your wife, partner or blow-up doll probably says to you at least once a week: Come on man, I just want to sleep.

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