Anna and Alejandro’s arbitrary anniversary

Today is my and Alejandro’s 2 year anniversary. We think. We kind of picked a day that we thought might mark our courtship and went with it.

So in honor of our arbitrary anniversary, here is a brief recap of how we wooed each other to pieces.

Phase 1: the conquest

He was wearing a light orange long sleeve polo. I hoped my cropped sweater vest v-neck combo would win his heart.

Phase 2: seduction

For a couple of weeks we would “accidently” walk together for the 2 minutes that it took between our class and where he lived.  One day he was late out of class so I took evasive action.

My seductive shoelace tying skills really sealed the deal.

His excuse for the awkward side hugs was being Latin American. “I couldn’t just kiss you on the cheek, that would be weird.” Perhaps less weird than the side hug. (Do I squeeze your side as well? Should I turn quickly to make it into an actual hug? What does this mean?)

Phase 3: baring of souls

I took him to meet the people I lived next to. He was joking around and making fun of people. One of my hall mates called him my boyfriend. I quickly replied that he was not my boyfriend. When it was time to say goodbye this is what happened:

No more awkward side hugs. Relationship achieved.

There you have it folks a classic love story.

  1. Leena said:

    needs to be made into a short film. adorbs.

  2. Elizabeth said:

    D’awwwww! Happy sort-of-anniversary!

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