Chris, we’re not meant to be together

Outside of Keys Hall (headquarters of District and SCAD radio) I spied with my little eye THIS:

Someone has been using concrete to cause mayhem.

I have no problem with public displays of affection (PDA) or defacing concrete sidewalks but Chris, buddy ‘ol pal, you might want to be a little more specific.

Let’s face it.  Humans are rather unimaginative and redundant especially when it comes to names.  There are a lot of people named Anna.  I can think of at least six other ‘Anna’s from my high school graduating class alone.

I’d like to think this is just some word game. When you rearrange the letters in the words Anna + Chris = ?  (Answer: chains ran.) But no one writes word riddles in concrete anymore.
It’s just that you’re messing with my rep.  I can’t have people thinking that I’m plus-ing Chris when my relationship status on facebook clearly states otherwise.  No one will believe a word I say.

Please, just add a little surname initial in there, maybe a brief qualifier. Anna S. + Chris W. (lovers of violets from Zanzibar).

If by the odd chance that this is at me.  Lo siento, I only date guys named in Lady Gaga’s song Alejandro.

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Too bad for Chris. I suppose guys named Fernando and Roberto might have some luck.

  2. I mean, if someone named Chris is willing to change their name, they might have a chance.

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